This Is Nonsense Verse

This Is Nonsense Verse

I am but a product of innumerable quantum fluctuations, subatomic collisions, inter-molecular forces and perfectly timed and positioned happenings. My existence can be explained using mathematical equations, and scientific reasoning; just as everything else in the universe can. So tell me, how important can I really be?


Finished my #owl.
Done in ink and watercolour paint on ridiculously expensive paper which i will add makes the experience far easier than your average smooth paper.

Any of you #art lovers or #artists have any tips?:3


#art #owl #workinprogress #ink #watercolour 😆




May you rest in peace!





Anschluss 1938.


I just want to be happy





Forerunner architecture never ceases to amaze me. 




Heart Captor | Photographer



Found this and thought it looked funny