This Is Nonsense Verse

This Is Nonsense Verse

I am but a product of innumerable quantum fluctuations, subatomic collisions, inter-molecular forces and perfectly timed and positioned happenings. My existence can be explained using mathematical equations, and scientific reasoning; just as everything else in the universe can. So tell me, how important can I really be?



by きいろ



Flying Fox, Vampire Bat, Common Bat and Spectre Vampire. Illustration for Warne’s Picture Natural History Animals (Frederick Warne, c 1870).



Batman Eternal #21 (2014)




Apocalypse by German Peralta *



Batman by Jorge Molina




Did this for a contest on deviantart. What if Darth Maul was a neanderthal


cool guys don’t look at explosions ( x )





Black Widow by Artgerm | Stanley Lau